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Who's Your Kyland?

Who Is He?

Kyland Barrett is a poor hillbilly that lives in the Mountains of Appalachia. After losing his father and brother to a coal-mining accident, Kyland is left to fend for himself, as we learn in his story that his mother had left his father before the accident. His life has made him tough and his situation has forced him to shut people out, but Kyland is smart. He is one of the top students at his high school and has every intention of winning a full-ride scholarship to go to the college of his choice. Once he goes, he won't ever look back. 

 There is only one real obstacle in Kyland's way to winning the coveted scholarship. His neighbor, Tenleigh Falyn. 

Why We Love Him?

Kyland and Tenleigh want out of their hopeless town more than anything else in the world. With few jobs and no real prospects, they see no other way out of escape. An act of selflessness changes Kyland and Tenleigh’s relationship forever, giving us rivals, then friends, then forever. Theirs is a love they couldn't stop though they tried. Only one can win this chance to change their future. Is it winning if you are walking away from the other half of your soul? 

Our March Man comes from Mia Sheridan. The book is called Kyland and is really an amazing story. Kyland Barrett is dirt poor mountain man from Appalachia. He loves hard and does whatever he has to for the love of his life.

“I fell so damn hard, Tenleigh. Standing right at this bookshelf. I gave you my heart and you weren’t even in the room.”                            

                                   - Kyland Barrett in Kyland

Kyland Barrett

March 2015

Book Boyfriend for

A Miss Cellaneous Endeavor

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