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I Would Boil His Boxers To Make Tea

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Who's Your Warner?

Warner joins the story as the bad guy. He relentlessly pushes Juliette to, what would seem to be,  join him in his quest for power. He makes no attempt to deny that he is in love with her from the start. He calls her 'love' from the beginning of the first book. The depth of emotion Mafi conveys is what draws us to the characters. The passion evoked is breath-taking.

The funny thing is, when I read this book, I simply recycled the cast of Divergent, landing with Jai Courtney as Warner. I'm not big into blondes and while I thought he was attrative enough, he just didn't do a lot for me. Warner was the 'bad guy' so, I didn't think it would matter. Now, I am in love with Warner and have an enormous fan-crush on Jai Courtney! Who knew?

Aaron Warner is 19 years old, has blonde hair and green eyes. He has handsome chiseled features and dimples, to boot. He's well built, with muscled tone from working out three times a day. Distinguishing characteristics include multiple scars on his back and two tattoos. Juliette, the girl whose mutated genetics resulted in her inability to touch a person's skin without hurting (often killing) them, is Warner's love.

Juliette says to him "You're perfect," I tell him, so overcome I forget myself. "All of you. Your entire body. Proportionally. Symmetrically. You?re absurdly, mathematically perfect. It doesn't even make sense
that a person could look like you." (I agree 100%)

Warner is near obsessive about his cleanliness and personal hygiene. He doesn't rely on relationships with other people, until he met Juliette, that is. He is the son of Supreme Commander of the Republic, an abusive, alcoholic power-monger. Warner is the leader of Sector 45 and runs the military operations in that sector. He is known by everyone as a cruel, unfeeling, whack job.

Who Is He?

Why We Love Him?

"Is it even possible," he says, "that you can't feel this fire between us?"

-Aaron Warner in Ignite Me

The poster stud for us July babies comes to us from the dystopian YA novel by the lovely and talented Tahereh Mafi in the Shatter Me trilogy (Shatter Me, Unravel Me, Ignite Me).  He is the King of very own Rub Club, *wink wink* and since it's my birthday month, I chose him.

Aaron Warner Anderson

July 2014