A Miss Cellaneous Endeavor

“Can’t fucking breathe without her nearby. Need her to sleep with me. Need her to keep the flames away.”

 ​ - Flame Cade in Souls Unfractured

To celebrate the New Year and keep away the cold, our January Book Boyfriend is so hot... he is guaranteed to Auld Lang your Syne!!!. Tille Cole has gifted us with a many-splendored hunks to drool over and from Souls Refractured - she gives us a scorcher. 

So this month, while you're trying to keep Old Man Winter at bay, take a few to appreciate the heat of a good Flame...


Who Is He?

Flame is not like everyone else. People have always called him a freak. Maybe they are right, because he is definitely wrong in the head. He can’t speak right. He can’t act right. He doesn’t get people and they sure as fuck don’t get him, either. His life is a whirlwind of screams and pain and agony. And flames. Scorching flames that ignite his blood and destroy his soul a little bit more, day by day. There’s evil in his veins… consuming him, choking him, invading his dark soul…and purging himself of it all is impossible. 

Why We Love Him?

"He was still the man that protected me.

​He was still the silent shadow that kept me safe.

He was still the man that I missed with the most incredible fervor."

Book Boyfriend for

I Would Boil His Boxers To Make Tea

Flame​ Cade

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