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Celebrating Our First Anniversary!

​​New To BoilHisBoxers

We started a new thing on some of the social media websites to see who is as bookish as we are. From now on, we'll be taking nominations for our Book Boyfriend of the Month page. 

 But, Miss Cellaneous, where do I go to nominate my illusory infatuation?

Look no further, Bookworms! You can send your nominations by submitting a comment at the bottom of every page on this site! If you are sailing the social sites, send us a tweet, message or comment on Facebook or pin us on Pinterest!

We can't wait to hear from you!

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Miss Cellaneous is a woman of leisure. She is completely fabulous yet underappreciated in her time.

audiences only.... Just in case!

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​​Adventures In Fan-Casting

I have dedicated more hours than I care to admit to my Book Boyfriends. Reading is more than my hobby.
It's my passion.
And book boyfriends keep that fire burning.

What is a book boyfriend, you ask?
Well, if you just asked that, you need to go sit in the corner and think about what you just said. . .
I'll answer anyway.
A book boyfriend is a fictional character in a book that you would gladly risk life and limb to kiss, hug,
hold hands with, giggle at the sight of, keep discarded candy wrappers from and/or movie stubs,
stare at even after it gets weird, follow to the ends of the earth and beyond, sleep with, 'not ' sleep with,
marry, run away with, weep uncontrollably at their demise, and/or one or all of the above.
Whether or not you have found your favorite, there's someone out there for everyone.
So ladies, keep your friends close... and your book boyfriends closer!

(Like it's even a choice?!) So this site is dedicated to all our literary lovers and the gorgeous faces we fantasize for their movie matches.

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