I Would Boil His Boxers To Make Tea

E. L. James is responsible for the phenomenon of the Christian Grey. From page to movie, this tortured, SARDONIC enigma has infiltrated the lives of housewives the world over. In honor of the release of the much anticipated film, for February, we salute you Mr. Grey....

You and your twitching palm.

“I'd like to bite that lip."
                           - Christian Grey in Fifty Shades Of Grey

Book Boyfriend for

February 2015

Christian Grey

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A Miss Cellaneous Endeavor

Who Is He?

​Christian Grey. The name alone brings on as severe case of the swoons. A successful, brooding, charming, billionaire businessman, Mr. Grey is good at everything he does. His work includes business ventures ranging from mergers and acquisitions to a philanthropic hand in feeding the starving populace of the world. His hobbies include varying tastes, from gliding to playing piano to....well darker interests. Mr. Grey's introduction to life was hard. The son of a deceased drug addict, he was adopted by a loving couple, the Trevelyan's. From this couple, he not only gained two loving, supportive parents, he also has a brother and sister that he remains close to. 

Why We Love Him?

Enter Anastasia Steele. Miss Steele, a college student, is roped into interviewing Mr. Grey as a favor to her best friend and roommate for the college newspaper. From this fortuitous meeting, a wild romance is spawned. Innocence meets danger and the feels ensue. From the very first moments together, the heat between Ana and Christian burn from the pages into our very souls. Whether you like her writing style or not, if you have read the books, you have to admit that author James has quite a talent for making you squirm. 

Christian Grey is the ultimate romance book boyfriend with a twist. He gives us the Kink with his implements from the now famous 'Red Room.' He is a dominant, alpha male, risk-taker who goes for what he wants--and gets it. He is a skilled and passionate lover. He is gorgeous, with an amazing body. He is fit, adventurous, powerful, potent, sexy as all hell. And he can make a woman want to undress... with just one look from his grey eyes.