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(From Jess)

I was born in Philly but married into the wonderful, sometimes boring, state of Indiana. Here we enjoy Amish food -mainly the pie-, Notre Dame football, and tractor pulls. I was born June 12th, 1986... you do the math.

Personal Information
I live in a cozy neighborhood with large backyards and lots of extremely excitable children. Forget traffic sounds at night, I get to hear the delighted screams of the youth; including my own. My house is shared with my husband, two beautiful girls, and a miniature wiener dog named Jake. We used to have a rabbit in our basement, but you'll have to ask me about that one another time.

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Thinking about it...

Exceptional #1

In 2022, the United States commissioned a group of scientists to experiment with genetic mutations. Their goal was to create a serum that would alter the human genetic code, making the subject stronger and faster. They succeeded but their victory was short lived. Not only had they created a super serum, but also an airborne virus. By 2025, seventy-five percent of the world's population had perished. The survivors, well their lives would never be the same.

175 A.V.

Ally is an Ordinary; a human immune to the virus. She lives in a settlement outside the City with her mother and twin brother, but lately it doesn't seem to be enough. She is wrestling between being with her family and volunteering to move to the City, where she can work for the Exceptionals.

Luke is an Exceptional; a superior human being. His ancestors were infected with the virus and lived through it, leaving their super human strength and special abilities to him. He has never given much thought to Ordinarys, despite pressure from his father to choose one from the ORC. But all of that changes when he meets Ally...

Rogue #2

Ally lowered her hands and stared at the pile of ash in front of her. They made it four hours into their morning travels before they ran into another pair of Exceptional Guards. The Guards had approached Ally and her group with ease, expecting an easy catch. Once again, Ally had raised her hands and eliminated the Guards before they took another step toward her or the others. She stood over the pile, breathing heavily.
She felt Stosh come up beside her, his arm brushing against hers.
“Seven,” she said in almost a whisper.
“I know,” he responded, taking her hand in his.

Ally is finally outside the City walls, with her brother and her best friends.

Luke is still inside the City walls, with no memory of the girl he once loved.

Life in the Wilderness is dangerous, and they soon find out that they are not alone. Will Ally continue her journey to the Southern City, or will she risk it all to help the boy she loves?

Ordinary #3

“I think your issue is less about localized behavior and more about human nature. I’ve seen the history books. Someone always has to be better. Someone always has to conquer.” 

Ally and her friends are once again leaving the comfort of home and setting their sights on the Southern City. Does it exist? Will Ally find what she is looking for? 

Someone will become Exceptional. 
Someone with die. 
New friends will be made. 
Old friends will be lost.


I ran through the first of this duo and thought it was amazeballs. The second was a bit harder for me to get through but I think it was more to do with things being too busy in my life to get to actually sit and READ!!! The romance aspect was a bit dull for my taste but the story development made up for it! To get your copy of this series, click here.


by Jess Petosa

A Miss Cellaneous Endeavor

I Would Boil His Boxers To Make Tea