A Miss Cellaneous Endeavor

I Would Boil His Boxers To Make Tea

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Who's Your Jared?

Who Is He?

He’s been dragged to the sinister manor on the hill against his wishes, but that’s how Jared’s life tends to go: his father’s dead, his mother insists Jared killed said father, he’s useless at school and going exactly nowhere. All Jared’s ever had was the voice in his head…

Why We Love Him?

Jared is a suffer-in-raging-silence type with the bad boy vibe and a sorcerer, to boot. Having been linked with our heroine, Kami, as a source of his power. He brings it in the swoon department and the tension is absolutely delish.

Sarah Rees Brenna gives us our Santa baby. He's a bad ass sorcerer that put a spell on me. So spread some holiday cheer with this hunk! Ho! Ho! Holy Toledo! Is it warm in here?

“She is great," said Jared. "And beautiful. She's like a star to me, something bright and lovely seen from another world. She's someone else's sun. That's how all other girls are to me. You're my sun.

                                             - Jared Lynburn in Unmade

Jared Lynburn

Book Boyfriend forDecember 2014