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Who's Your Adrian?

Who Is He?

Adrian Ivashkov, aka Jet Steele, is 21 years old with brown hair and "forest" green eyes. He is Moroi (the good vamps), which means he's inherently hot...but even amongst the pale, tall, lean-muscled gods of his line, he's quite a specimen. Distinguishing characteristics include his unkempt hair and a tobacco habit. Unlike most Moroi, he's not lanky...he's described as devastatingly handsome. Oh yeah...doesn't hurt that he's rich and nephew to the queen. His love interests include Rose Hathaway, a dhampir who is a bad ass in her own right, as well as Miss Sydney Sage, an alchemist braniac featured in her own spin-off with our hottie - the Bloodlines series, also from Ms. Meade.

Warner is near obsessive about his cleanliness and personal hygiene. He doesn't rely on relationships with other people, until he met Juliette, that is. He is the son of Supreme Commander of the Republic, an abusive, alcoholic power-monger. Warner is the leader of Sector 45 and runs the military operations in that sector. He is known by everyone as a cruel, unfeeling, whack job.

Why We Love Him?

Adrian is by no means perfect. He's got a habit of drowning his sorrows in a bottle and smoking like a freight train. The thing that endears him to us is that he wants to be a better man...or Moroi... um, yeah. He wants to be worthy of his woman's love. What woman doesn't want that? Adrian is an artist. He is passionate and loyal. Also on the plus side... he's knows how to dress. I'm confident he could give the "Queer Eye For The Straight Guys" a run for their money.

The hunk hails from the YA series by the beautiful and brilliant, Richelle Meade. Whether you favor the Rose+Adrian match or lean towards the Sage+Ivashkov variety, this tasty morsel brings the heat this August!

"Don't worry, little Dhampir. You might be surrounded by clouds, but you'll always be like sunshine to me."

                                             - Adrian Ivashkov in Shadow Kiss

Adrian Ivashkov

Book Boyfriend August 2014