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Who's Your McHotpants?

Who Is He?

Quinn Sullivan, better known as Sir McHotpants, enters the story as he helps our heroine, Janie, exit her building of former employment. He is just the kind of eye candy that one can lose hours staring at. His work consists of personal security to the wealthy and he is very good at what he does. McHotpants has it all or thinks he does... until Janie. 

Why We Love Him?

Quinn is not your typical alpha male... or maybe he is and it's really the independent Janie that makes him seem less so. Either way, sparks fly from the chemistry these two have going. This book had me doubled over laughing and swooning throughout! 

April's Adonis hails from the witty world of Penny Reid in Neanderthal Seeks Human. The strong, quiet types never cease to mesmerize me, and Quinn Sullivan doesn't disappoint in swoonage!

“You make me want to be less of an asshole.”                            

             - Quinn Sullivan in Neanderthal Seeks Human

Quinn Sullivan
aka Sir McHotpants

April 2015

Book Boyfriend for

I Would Boil His Boxers To Make Tea

A Miss Cellaneous Endeavor